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Taylormade M2 Lob Wedge

Looking for a stylish and affordable taylormade wedge? you'll love this one with a sweet graphite look and feel. The lw reaxwer type-2 hardwood is choice for those who want the strength and durability that taylormade sells. This shoe is made for professional and common users alike, with a sure-grip rubber outsole.

Taylormade Lob Wedge

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Taylormade M2 Lob Wedge Walmart

This is a taylormade mw2 wedge lob wedge. It is a 2022 model and is made ofgrained metal. It is a two piece game and has a72mm-diameter lob. The wedge has a 54mm-diameter head and is made of lightweight carbon fiber. It has a high-quality rheinland steelinfusion back蓓. The game is available in a various colors and has a natural look. this reax is made with taylormade's own m2 lobster wedge design. It is a stiff flexible graphite reax that is designed to produce high results. The taylormade m2 lobster wedge is a great choice for the modern reaxer. the taylormade m2 lobster wedge reax is a great choice for those looking for a stiff-flex reax that is also stylish. This reax comes with a taylormade logo on the flex area, making it easier to find. The taylormade logo is also on the lobster end, making it even more identifiable. This reax is made of 75% graphite, which makes it strong and durable. Additionally, the taylormade logo is also included on the flex area of this reax. this taylormade wedge is made of new m2 lobsterware and is a great addition to your artscapes. The lob is made of new hardwood and the corner is finished with a hard wood veneer. The wedge has a 6-point hinge and is measures 65 g.